Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Crude

CL 15min

CL 5min
Mondays are hard to trust.

It's 11:15pm local time - I'm going to take a warm bath and prepare to turn in.

Am still adjusting to life outside of my cave.

J, thanks for the chat message...MUAK!


Anonymous said...

Well executed again...darn I sound like a broken record. I can see why CL can be attractive to those that can control RR effectively :)

Black said...

How is work?

Jules said...

LOL! Sandy! You're just being consistent.;-)
I do like CL for its better RR compared to index and forex futures...but the latter is more forgiving of course...

Jules said...

:-) Black!
Work is bearable for now.
Thanks for asking :-)
How's YOUR work?

Black said...

Good to hear that Jules. I'm still ok, slower pace and a more pleasant environment. thanks for asking :)