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Activities and PnL from Mar 07-31:

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In yellow box is profit earned for Mar 7 to Mar 31; in pink,  total commission charged for trades taken during this period

Starting balance on Mar 07 can be found here.

For those who like to assess performance based on percentages, this is a 100% return, from trading SINGLE contracts, while taking mostly ONE -  in rare cases, 2 to 3 - trade/s per day.

The following sums up the statement I had set out to make:

1) There is no right or wrong way to trade, but simply the way that suits the trader's temperament, personal circumstances, and a range of other factors that will affect his/her trading psychology

2) The method touted incessantly by certain experts -  trading multiple contracts and symbols/ instruments, setting tight hard stops and getting in and out during the most volatile hours - is merely one of the ways that one can profit from the market (provided that it is compatible with what I mentioned in 1) above); it is NOT THE ONLY way

3) The onus is on the trader to find out what works for him/her. Trading, like death, is a lonely business - no one is with you on the journey, so you have to learn to make decisions yourself, and choose what works best for you. And no one but you yourself knows what is best for you. Ignore conventional wisdom (unless it's what works for you), be wary of people who impose their views, opinions and beliefs on you, and get used to making independent decisions. Read fewer toxic trading blogs. Think POSITIVE - death is the worst thing that could happen to you (but I believe in Heaven, so that's technically not true for me..but, I digressed...) - as long as you're alive and kicking, good things will happen to you when you make up your mind to make it happen, and do everything in your power to make it happen

4) Bloggers can trade; traders can blog - for how long the person can do so depends on his/her temperaments

I am an advocate of positive thinking - I believe you are what you think. In Feb this year, I was asked by a friend to revive my blog for reasons that I won't mention. The day he asked, I returned to post on this blog (I have a private blog that I updated during the time that I was not posting here), and this is what I made happen (my sitemeter has always been free for all to see):

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My point is, if you've set your heart and mind to do something (except harming yourself and other people), DO IT. Don't let people tell you what you can/ can't and/or should/ shouldn't do.

I am by nature a reserved person - I most enjoyed writing on my blog when my audience was just Solfest, Long & Wrong, Lonely, DT, Cory, JE and a few others. I have come out of hiding in Feb to revive the blog because I gave my word to continue to write to April. My friend's project is near completion, and I will let this blog stay til then. 

As far as trading is concerned, I have never wanted to do anything else other than TRADE. I have passed the stage where I need an audience to kick my ass; doubt I will ever teach, given that I hate people; will never sell a service; and generally don't like to have to make statements - so there is really no need for me to maintain a public blog. I will do a final posting on my friend's project once it's launched in mid April, and then I'll reserve this blog for D's eyes only.  I will post charts from time to time on my other private blog that some of you already have access to.

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Anonymous said...

Is the blog and/or your trading satisfying a want rather than generating an income? It is correct - there is no one way or one metric or amount of % return.Of course if it is income generation - then the metric is clear.
What is the endgame? Where does the buck stop, are you answering your own hard questions?

The answers to the above are the precise reason why I stopped blogging. I wasn't paying attention to the endgame.
When push comes to shove, what would you rather be doing? Are you doing it now - cut the chaff, get it done.

You get the picture.

Jules said...

I guess your answers are mine then, Sandy :-)

austinp said...

Hey Jules...

Congratulations on winning both games: the game of trading AND the game of life. In the time you've been online, followers have watched you sometimes struggle with and ultimately find success in both.

If the act of "blogging" is best described as sharing one's ideas, feelings and thoughts about a subject, then I've been blogging since way before the term "blog" was ever coined. Since year 2000, and still going strong.

There is a visible end in sight for me too, just as everyone out there turns another page in their lives. When we no longer have something to "sell" aka prove, we run out of things to say. Selling and hard currency are not synonymous. Everyone who blogs has something to sell. Once each person is done selling their belief, there are no more words left to be said.

On a personal note it's great to see you winning the game of life. Trading is merely a business venture to generate cash... nothing more. Insignifcant as that. Enjoying each new day, a husband, a daughter, friends, nature, the circle of life itself... that is the magic we call "living".

Best Wishes Always

Jules said...

Austin :-)
Thank you :-)
Keep in contact!

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Good bye big sis Jules,

it's so sad to see you're leaving cyber. You know you're the one of those few women who has determination and courage, ppl who had these traits will succeed in whatever they set their mind to.
I too had nothing to sell and prove, I just blog to let ppl know there are traders doing well hiding in their bedrooms(half naked and in my boxers). I used to trade in the pit but that's no big deal, now those ex-pit locals go to arcarde to hoalian, but I'm not a hoalian person. I prefer to remain anoynomous in cyder so as to remain a low profile.

As my late grandma always says to me in cantonese(she passed away when I was 9):

Jules said...

LOL!!! SFT, why do you always make me laugh so hard??!! :-)

人怕出名,猪怕肥 - agreed. I was brought up in a family that values discreetness. :-)

So is your neighbor's maid still ogling? ;-)

b17 said...

Great trading blog + pretty face >> Champ!

I have learnt much from your blog. Thanks!

Roy said...

Hi Jules

I have enjoyed your blog and started to know more about you. If you stop blogging, it will be a sad thing for me :-(

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Talking abt the maid..her employer scolded her today for sending suggestive looks to strong muscular man. I felt so guilty..

De'Trader said...

Hi Jules,
I am sorry if I made you angry (sure is since my comment never been approved,lol).

Good luck with your journey :)

Roy said...

Hi Jules

In your earlier entry you mentioned "But if it is a concern for you, you might want to avoid Globex hours and even the US session on wilder days (e.g. Inventory release on Wed)" ? Why avoid Globex hour? Btw i trade currency futures.

How many levels (market depth) does IB display in the ladder?


Times of Your Life said...

Soooooo true....

T.T farewell.....
remember you need to host a farewell party

Alchi said...

Happy for you and also sad that i only discovered your blog few weeks ago.
I wish you the best.

Soullfire said...

I knew it! Having discovered the lair of the unicorn, I suspected reality and fantasy would eventually collide and before long the myth shrouded unicorn would once again fade into the the unseen realm ala Brigadoon. =) But now that I've picked up your trail, you won't be rid of me that easily. ;-) Hmmmm,..private blogs.....more mystery! :)

Your statement rings so true - one is best suited in discovering their own personal trading style to increase their odds for long term success. Learning how other experts trade will be of some value, but only if it's seen as a way to incorporate the qualities one likes into their own methods, rather than trying to mimic the expert exactly.

All jobs are best performed when one enjoys what they do, which you have clearly shown. =)

De'Trader said...

Jules, my gift to you..hoped u're not yet read it

If you like, buy it (I am against piracy!!)

Jules said...

@ SFT: :-) Could it be that your neighbor's JEALOUS? ;-)

@ Soulfire: You should write a book :-) Private blog's going to be mostly charts...if that's not too dry for you, will send you an invite :-)

@ TYL: You know it's a 20-hr flight from your country to mine, right? LOL!

@ Alchi: :-) my older posts are more entertaining - should take you a while to finish reading (I think i have nearly a thousand postings?):-)

@ B17: Thank you :-)

@ De'Trader: No problem :-)

@ Roy: Globex's spread is wider.

Soullfire said...

@Jules You help inspire my creative writing. :) Who could ever find charts boring/dry? To a trader/investor, they're "eye candy". =)

@TYL Instead of hosting a party, perhaps she needs to make a "farewell tour" and bring the party to all of our locations. =)

Times of Your Life said...

@Soullfire hahahahhaa i think so

@Jules O.O um....i always thought you are in the US, Canada's neighbor -_-"
T.T I really didn't know

its okie, wait 30 years until i make enough money to buy a private plane @.@ XDDDD

Jules said...

:-) Soulfire. Invitation sent, charts for today posted. Let me know if you can't access.

Jules said...

TYL :-) Are you from Alberta too?
And, you write Chinese!! Wow!

Can't find your email add - mind leaving me a note so I can capture your address?

Lord Tedders said...


How funny that this is the route you're going. I've pretty much let my blog languish for similar reasons. Nothing left to "sell/prove". Just wanted to let you know that you've been a great inspiration and I totally agree that positive unconventional thinking are the keys to success in just about anything.


Jules said...

LT!! :-)
Thank you...that's so sweet :-)
I'm still not sure what to do with this blog. Spoke with D and he suggested that I take a more balanced approach (I tend to gravitate to the extremes). So, I will still post charts here maybe 2 to 3 times a week, but PnL will be on the other blog.

cory said...

this blog mentions unicorns