Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Job, New Home, & Trading Resumes

The real estate market turned out to be a lot more interesting than I expected, and being a real estate broker/ agent/ salesperson is starting to feel more challenging and fun than I had thought. The job calls for a lot of initiative, creativity, the understanding of what others need and want, and a strong determination and fierce will to stay true to who I am in the face of keen competition. 

The industry attracts people from all walks of life because the reward is handsome for anyone who figures out how to win others over. The business is more about how many people like you and how much they like you than it is about how much you know about real estate and how much you can save for your buyer and make for your seller (although appearing knowledgeable and that you have your client's best interest at heart definitely helps to get more people to like you at the initial stage). But I suppose everyone else had that figured out a long, long time ago. 

I have been working on being nice, friendly and warm, and although I do feel that sometimes that gives certain people the idea that they can walk all over me, it is refreshing to be liked.

One thing about me that sticks is my lack of patience. I still want everything done yesterday, and to pick up a new skill in one day. I still find failures unacceptable and  ambiguities painfully frustrating.

And I am still obsessing over my hair. My 4th cut in 2 months:

I will start trading again next week. As I've mentioned before, there will be no real money involved this time. I will be sim trading just ONE method/approach/strategy/ and will track its performance in the next 3 years. Results will be posted the way they've always been posted.
Am in the midst of creating a new website for my new career.  I've gotten a domain name and paid for it, but am tempted to get another one so I can continue to use juzjules. Hmmm....

I get the keys to my new home in mid Oct. My interior designer started working on conceptualization and sourcing of material a month ago, and hacking starts the day I get my keys (yes, I am hacking walls again, and flooring). I might document the renovation process - only if it's going to be a lot of fun doing so. There will be a house-warming this time, and it will be held over 2 to 3 days. Traders who wish to meet up: I'll be most glad to have you (do drop me an email so I can send you an invitation).

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seabloke said...

i'm not a trader but i EXPECT an invite. You know where to send it :P

Times of Your Life said...

@.@ 4 cuts in 2 months is a lot of cuts hahahahah

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

I think I can make-up a romance storyboard from your 5 pics. You role-play as the pretty new girl in the office, and D role plays the "senior" and ever so helpful male colleague.

1st pic. D asks you out for a drink after work. You pretend pretend to look coy. Must go home you say...

2nd pic. You gave a flirticious throw back of your head. No does not mean no. Ask me out again silly man!

3rd pic. D asked you out again, and you say yes with the "its on" twinkle in your eyes.

4th pic. The look you gave D in your apartment while you slip into something more comfortable...

5th pic. The cheeky grin you gave D the morning after in the office. Only you two know what it meant - other colleagues so very the clueless!


All the best Jules!

Jules said...

WOW. I salute you, Singapore Man of Leisure. :-)

Swap the 2 roles and you'll be exactly correct. Eg. I asked D out...he pretended to look coy...


Lord Tedders said...

Congratulations on finding something that is giving you that spark of excitement again.

All that determination you have in your trading will translate well to real estate I think.

I like the new hair cuts and the fact that you are smiling!


Jules said...

Thank you, LT :-) Hope you have been well. You stopped blogging?

Playeur said...

Hi Jules, I've been following blog for a while. Just thot I'd pop in to say that I'm glad you're back to trading.

Lord Tedders said...

For now yes. I'm totally focused on my trading and frankly don't have the time to write much. I think my blog got a bit side tracked with things other than trading and when I pick it up again I will probably change the blog.