Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmas, AGAIN

I was asked why I wanted a parrot so badly, and why an African Gray. I said I needed something to talk to that will talk to me in a language that I can understand; it has to be an A.G. because it is neither too big nor too small, neither too quiet nor too chatty, and it's gray.

I am officially tired of playing catch up with human beings. They are simply too fast for me, and too occupied with things that annoy me e.g  IPHONES, tweeting, hourly facebook status updating, hourly facebook status updating using iphone, texting, Christmas shopping, maids issues, apartments, bigger apartments, bungalows with garden and a pool, shopping, holiday trips to do more shopping, finding Mr/Ms Right/Perfect, eating, partying/clubbing, getting botox injections, getting drunk, BEING HAPPY, etc, etc.

D is the most annoying of them all. His iphone, blackberry, laptop, car, online shopping catalogues, social networks, conference calls, and company functions have completely filled up his time. We have not had an uninterrupted dinner for YEARS, and when I was trying to show him old pictures of me and my old school that someone had posted on Facebook, he was too busy checking out Armani online to even take a glance. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the only one who's dying to see old pictures of my partner. Everyone else is too busy making sure they have not fallen behind.

I desperately need a J-like person in my life - my real physical life. Someone I can see, hear, touch and smell. Someone who makes his own blackberry syrup to go with his favorite ice-cream, someone who KNOWS ME THROUGH AND THROUGH. Someone who can maintain eye contact with another human being for 5 minutes without needing to steal glances at his mobile, blackberry, ipad, ieverything!!! I need to see some eyes!!!

Sea, if you weren't my sister, I'd marry you in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even be bothered that you're female.

Dec's trading:


Anonymous said...

It's December. So Visa, Hallmark, MasterCard, etc etc have decided you "must" be "happy and merry". After all who likes Grumpy? Except for the INTJs lurking in the shadows with their malevolent designs on the world

You are not alone. And it shall pass. You might as well enjoy it on your terms.

cory said...

my practical solution send him an email.

Jules said...

:-) Sandy :-)
BIG HUGS!!! And merry christmas :-)

Jules said...

LOL! Cory :-)
Emails are too slow for him. In fact, emails are too slow for many people now. I have a good mind to send only snail mails from now on, or use a pigeon. I like to take my time! >:-)

Michael said...

You probably already know this, but the one bad thing about those birds is that they live for up to 70 years. They get so attached to their owners that when the time comes that they can't care for them any more the birds get extremely depressed when they're sent off for someone else to care for them.

There was a program on TV years ago about a lady in NY who tried to rescue these birds when the owners gave them up for various reasons. It was really sad. So if you get one you'll have to stop smoking a be a health nut so you'll be around long enough to take care of the little guy. :-)

Anonymous said...

> They are simply too fast for me, and too >occupied with things that annoy me

If people didn't fill their lives, and more specifically their minds, with all of this then they would be forced to contemplate the human condition.

That introspection, as I suspect you know, is often an unpleasant experience so we grasp at anything that helps us avoid it.

I also find a lot of the activities you list annoying but try to be positive...they are, literally, saving people from themselves.

How did a parrot get us here? ;-)

Jules said...

Michael :-)
Yes, that's one of the many concerns I have, that the parrot's probably going to outlive me. Quit smoking? I thought all centenarians are smokers? http://www.forces.org/evidence/hamilton/other/oldest.htm
Now the bad news - according to another report, most of them love people: "Men and women who are 100 or older tend to have something else in common, an extroverted personality.....Centenarians will often have many friends, strong ties to relatives and a healthy dose of self-esteem."

Jules said...

:-) LW
Parrot didn't, Christmas did. And now that you got me started, check out this brand new life-saving iphone application: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20101213/ttc-lifestyle-skorea-it-telecom-offbeat-0de2eff.html

seabloke said...

i finally got to read this!

biggie, are you saying i have beautiful eyes or insinuating i'm behind time?

you love looking in my eyes? I love it too! Everything should be about me. I, Me, Myself. Yes, that's the only "i" i have. If i weren't myself, i'd marry me too.

the only (little) people i get to look in the eyes and talk to for hours on end (so much so i need to tell them to stop), are your gremlins. The only rewards they get for scoring well in their exams, is 4hrs of play at the indoor playground. No iphone, no ipad, no technology. I need to keep their eyes on me for as long as i can!! :P

seabloke said...

oh btw, did i tell you the 91 friends who now have location updates on fb? Yes.. every mall they go to is announced on fb now. And i only have 97 friends. Haha!

Jules said...

That's why I wanna marry you, honey. No, it's not your eyes (you forgot Fernando??).

> : -)

Jules said...

LOL!!! I'm sorry my darling, I just read your prev prev comment - the full version - coz I was distracted by candles earlier. I'm apologizing for the delayed response. So here goes: Ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You crack me up. :-)

Anonymous said...


That was depressing enough, then I read this...


Perhaps the Canadian wilderness would heal your soul?

Jules said...

Or the lost town of London...
I'm curious about the overhead powerlines and power poles too. :-D

Jules said...

It is comforting to know that at least 1 person here appreciates the gravity of my situation. You do understand, right, LW??

Anonymous said...

I understand and yet I have no solutions.

That is pretty much my philosophy whatever the situation. This means that I *think* I am clever and *know* that I am miserable.

I'm off to look at the chart-porn next, I understand charts better than I do life.

Jules said...

Check this out, LW: http://traderx.blogspot.com/2010/12/is-blogging-dying.html

See? Facebook's EVIL.

I think you are clever too :-) And I know that you're way too happy for my liking. LOL!!!

I just noticed that charts without notes aren't very pretty...yes, I'm off to look at my own chart porn too...