Friday, September 23, 2011

Sim Trades 9/22

There's been little motivation to write ever since I decided to take a long break from trading. And there's been little motivation to write about my sim trades because I don't think anyone's going to be interested.

But I figured I'd have to start writing again else I'm going to forget how to put up a chart very soon.


CL (did not meet my criteria for trading it yesterday)

For the week

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TradeThief said...

Hi, love your blog, and wow those are some monster gains in OIL, I've never traded oil and I'm wondering if those are really big gains, or "normal" for 1 contract, I typically only trade 6E & ES, and aim for $50-$150 per trade, did the market have to move very far for those gains? Sorry for so many questions.

Lord Tedders said...


If you look up the value per tick of a contract of CL you'll see it is a massive contract with a lot of volatility. $.01 min move is $10. It is not uncommon for the CL to swing 100-200 ticks intraday.


TradeThief said...

Thanks LT, seems like a pretty scary contract to trade X_X

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, LT. Yep, it's not uncommon for oil to swing 20 to 50 points :-)

@TT: Oil is generally not as forgiving as ES and 6E in its move, particularly during the Europe and US session, when it can get really erratic. Oil during the Asian session is relatively easier on the heart (more predictable price actions). My bigger winnings in the past were mostly from Asian hour trades. It's not uncommon for me to take 300 to 500 in a single trade trading single contract before the rest of the world wakes up. Globex margin is a lot higher though. If you've never traded oil, you might want to check out Austin's blog at

Austin trades the ES, TF and Oil and shares extensively on his insights on these instruments.

Thank you for liking my blog! :-)