Saturday, September 24, 2011

J, and Sell with Soul

Totally missed this note from J until I checked in on my personal email:

as long as you're playing with real estate, I thought I'd show you a page I just saw. Here are some really spectacular diggs in the desert... and priced low compared to what they were..

go to:

and - by the way- it just cracks me up , the thought of you making it a point to be nice and try to be "liked" on a dialy basis .. I'm not sure if that's in your nature- but on the other hand- it may be a new endeavor and a new development in the every changing search for self that each of us goes through in life. I was reading a thing about the Amarican Bald Eagle- they live to be 70 years old- but at 40, their tallons no longer work, their beak curls under, and their feathers get to matted- so they fly to the top of a mountain and peck their beak into a rock until it breaks off, then they pluck out their own tallongs (OUCH!) and pluck out their feathers. After five months, all grow back, and they soar the skies again for another 30 years. Re-Birth ! so.. perhaps ... it can be a lesson for each of us.. although I think I will not pluck out my toe nails and break my teeth off on a rock.. and a hair cut may not be on the agenda for a while yet....

you sound happy.. and that makes me happy.. 

I miss J. One of the kindest, most intelligent and sentimental persons I've met.

But I still want the last name!!!

Talking about real estate, I've been sourcing for quality training programs outside my country, and chanced upon one that I just could not pass up. The founder was a top Remax producer during her time, and sold homes without having to sell her soul. She doesn't believe in door-knocking, pestering strangers, hounding friends and going through FSBO listings. She hates asking for referrals, coz, in her own words "if a friend asks me for referrals, it puts me on the spot, and I don't like it. If he asks a second time, our friendship will suffer". She doesn't like doing to others what she wouldn't want done to her.

I slam my door on anyone who knocks (except for the food and mail delivery guy of course). So I'm best staying away from doors.

A very good friend I was chatting with had this to say: "... having encountered quite a number of agents during my property shopping, i got the impression that there is absolutely no quality control in this profession.... I never got a sole agent during my property sale as i cannot trust these agents to really act in my interest....Hope you can make it as an agent but i dun have high hopes."


I love my friend. Always brutally honest.

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