Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sim Trade 9/26 (Mon)

It really poured last night, complete with lighting and thunder, freaking the cats out, and keeping me in when I was desperately needing a smoke; all the lights at our 8-storey car park were out when I got home near midnight; Schumacher whammed into Perez, and Alonso didn't make it to top 3!

And D's only been away 8 days.

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Anonymous said...

I'm too tired for sensible comments so the best I can manage is a joke about your other profession...

An Estate Agent (I'm sticking to the British term), a Jew and a Hindu survive a plane crash and are walking along trying to find shelter. They stumble across a farm and beg the farmer to put them up. "I've only got two spare rooms" says the Farmer, "so one of you will have to bed down in the barn". The Jew agrees to take the barn but after ten minutes, knocks at the Farm house door... "Look, I'm sorry but there's a pig in the barn. Pig's are sacred animals to us. That's why we don't eat pork". On hearing this, the Hindu decides he'll swop places with the Jew, but after another ten minutes, there's another knock on the door. "Look I'm really sorry, but there's a cow in the barn. I couldn't possibly share a room with a cow as we hold cows sacred in our religion.". On hearing this, the Estate Agent agrees to take the place in the barn. Ten minutes later, there's another knock at the door and there standing at the entrance is the pig and the cow ... !

TradeThief said...

Nice trades

Jules said...

LOL!!!!! I still love my job, LW!!!

Jules said...

Thank you, TT :-)

By the way, Solfest (http://tradingcrude.blogspot.com/) trades oil too (he trades oil and only oil).

And Sandy (http://deucalions.blogspot.com/) trades it from time to time.