Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Charts 4/4 & D is a Male Chauvinist Pig

Some time back, I was asked what I most wanted to do. 

"Rule the world", I said. 

No one would take me seriously, and I wondered why....

Then earlier this evening, I told D that I want to be in politics - join the PAP or something. This time I sounded serious enough to get D's attention - he is violently against the idea. 

He fears my artlessness will put  his life and mine in peril.

I asked what I should do with my life then. 

"TRADE, mind your own business and mine".


Hourly and 5min charts for today's trade (click on charts to enlarge):

I'll not post PnL on this public blog anymore, but will continue to post some charts whenever I find the time to trade and post. After April, I'll probably be posting "selected" charts on a weekly basis.

The initial plan was to bring this blog underground too, but D said that's mean (?????!!).....

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Anonymous said...

Well what was the reason for posting P/L in the first place? Was it to hold yourself accountable, keep you in line and show transparency? P/L is distracting so I prefer to see each trades as setup and net ticks/points, either it worked or not, and what you felt about the trade, rate the trade

Jules said...

All of the mentioned.
As a matter of fact, maintaining a public blog is the most distracting aspect of trading.

Jules said...

Ok, on a serious note, for me, PnL - along with charts showing trades taken - is simply the easiest way to track performance and consistency.

I document reasons and rationale that I enter a trade if not on this blog then somewhere else - but I do not rate a trade.

I know many seasoned traders do, and they try to take setups with the highest ratings.

I'm just not that methodical a person. :-)

Times of Your Life said...

>.< don't go underground, some charts occasionally will work

nono i am not from Alberta, but from Toronto

hahahaha for the chinese part, i just copy and paste @.@....too trouble to type chinese, @.@ can't remember the input for parts for each word

XDDD you mean a note as in email right?
@.@ not sure where I can find a note in blogger
so I send my email address to your email or where I can send a note @.@, quite new to blogger hahahahaha -_-"

JE said...

If I had a $ for every time you threatened to stop blogging . . . . You're GREAT at it! Why ever stop?