Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Charts 4/5 & About Public Blogging

When I start  doing something like this, I know that something is seriously bothering me:


JE (I have resumed posting on the private blog - see you there :-)) and TYL (got your note :-)),

In response to your comments, here are the reasons that I have gone underground so many times:

1) I don't like dramas like these and I don't like to see my name being mentioned this way on others' blog:

2) I don't like to be told in my comment section that I make a good oil teacher for beginners because they like to see all green, and I don't like to be told that I can be the next Clemen Chiang. I also don't like to be told (in a comment that I didn't publish) that it is not that hard to make 100% (which shows  how the author has completely missed the point I made about the 100% gain) and that it is even easier to lose 100%  (totally agreed, but since I didn't like the blogger, I deleted his comment). 

3) I don't like receiving mails and notes questioning the way I trade and  and the way I BLOG. I owe no one any explanation and these notes are a complete waste of my time.

4) Blog visitors that can't stop asking the writers why bloggers trade when all they need to do is STOP READING if they are so bothered by them. 

I don't want to be writing for those that are irritated by traders who blog about their trades, and I don't want to give the extremely competitive traders who feel sore on days the market robbed them an avenue  to mess with other traders' psychology. They need to get a life, and I want mine back. 

I totally understand why people are skeptical - I see with my own eyes blogs out there that are making claims too good to be true to lure the unknowing. And I can see how visitors don't need any proof that the new kids on the block have indeed made what they claimed they have made to start putting their faith, and probably later their money too , with them.

The original community where people are REAL, sincere, witty, and fun is gone.  

To those who have asked too many times why I post my PnL - it is to give folks who are reading the assurance that what they are reading is the real journey of a home-based trader.  I have lost  multiple 1k and 2k in a SINGLE trade trading just ONE contract, and they are all documented. I have never busted my account given that what I lost was just a fraction of my main trading account in my worst trading ever. Yet I have no qualms about claiming that I have wiped out an account simply because it is the right message to send ie. if you make lousy decisions in trading, you can lose your shirt. 

So that I don't have to read things that ANNOY me, I have deactivated comments. 

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