Saturday, May 22, 2010

*Week 8 & Crude Week 2

CL 15min
CL 5min
For the Week:
May 7 - May 21:
USD (1126 + 924)
= USD 2050

LONGEST 8 weeks ever. Still missing my virtual friends. Still not loving most people at work. Still hate the bureaucracy. Still wondering what I've gotten myself into.

REALLY missing J, and my afternoon naps.


DT233 said...

Well done Jules!

Working for a living really has done wonders for your trading. I wish it would for mine! LOL

Black said...

Nice work Jules.

Hope you feel better in your workplace days to come, I also hate getting used to new lifestyle and I missed my old crazy colleagues.

Anyway,hire me when u gt opening! Lol :P

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, DT.

The figs are just statistics. LW says it really well here:


Jules said...

Black :-)

I'm always happiest when I don't have to use my brains. So, no, I'm not feeling better. But I should,soon. :-)

Aren't you with a stat board now?

Black said...

yes i am, juz trying my luck :O