Friday, June 04, 2010

Thursday Crude - Data Release Surprise (isn't it always at 10:30am???)

CL 15min
CL 5min
It's supposed to be a good day - a strange turn of events spoils it all. I'm starting to feel a little disheartened. Maybe I really do need to accept just a little bit of grey in my working life.

Thanks for the heads up...too bad I saw it way too late :-)

Wait til you see a rat :-)



MBAGearhead said...

Wow, it went more than $1.30 against you?

Here's 2 sites I refer to each morning. They would have told you about 11am oil report:

DT233 said...

Well I can certainly see what you were thinking on the entry. It certainly appeared as though the market was reacting to 10:30 news and taking it lower. Perfect place to enter. Too bad the news wasn't until 11:00.

Anonymous said...

Hua...big cojones there

Jules said...

:-) Thank you so much, MBA!! I've almost completely forgotten about econ calendars since I trade solely oil now.

Yes, price went more than $1.30 against me. But it's a pattern I've seen many times before, mostly during oil report (I either forgot time or forgot about the report altogether LOL!) I took my chance...not in so many words, this is what trading is about, isn't it? :-)

You have done so well in bean and oil yourself! I didn't know what else to say in your comment considering DT's "copy & paste"... LOL!

Jules said...

DT :-) I looked at my chart does seem like that was what I was thinking...truth is, I had no idea...i just thought price might slide from there and was caught off guard when in the blink of an eye, it went up 70 cents. I held on cuz I believe that price would test 72.50 before testing 75 :-)

Jules said...

LOL!! Sandy!!!
Like I said before, courage is what I have in abundance. Grey matter - I'm not so sure... :-)