Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week 12 & Crude Week 6

CL 15min
CL 5min
A rather bizarre day. First, I couldn't open my eyes in the morning no matter how hard I tried. D has to make coffee himself for the first time in many, many years. In my dreamlike state, I gave D my secret recipe (but D couldn't get it right of course....there's simply no incentive for him to learn how to make coffee...), and text my office to take an urgent leave. By the time D was all ready to leave the house, I was still in my semi-conscious state.

I was waken by Alberto slightly after 3pm local time. I had slept 13 hours! And, to my horror, I had returned half a dozen text messages between the time that I last found myself conscious to the time I was fully awake. I still haven't summoned the courage to read the messages I sent out. What's most baffling and completely nonplussing is that the only message that I haven't returned was the one from Seabloke!! I guess even in my sleep, I do not treat my sister's messages lightly.


Anyway, my brain went into turbo drive after that, and I finally managed to come up with one of the most fanciful OD frameworks I've ever developed. I had no idea that all it takes is a 12-hour coma to jump start my lazy brain.

As far as trading goes, it's been a rather crazy week. I should have lots to say - truth is, I really haven't a clue what I am doing exactly.

On a very, very serious note, Daytrader 233 is starting to write like LW...hmm.....

And I'm sure THIS is LW - in his boredom - pretending to be someone else. Hur hur....

You surfaced finally :-) Appreciate the detailed info! Yes, I'm starting to hear from the others too that NP beach is a rather boring place...I will most definitely look you up when I'm in LA. San Diego happened to be one of the locations we've been checking out :-)

I wouldn't worry if I were you. If by now she hasn't started, she probably won't :-)

trading hurts more. :-)

that explains why Solfest and LW haven't been writing about TRADING....LOL! Re Sweetest Ass, I coudn't help but started showing the video to anyone who has time to indulge me...I'm in love with that drummer with a tattoo on his back :-) Year of monkey...hmmm....You're 32 :-)


Harvey said...

Going to be 30 on the 23rd. Someone told me I was the year of the Monkey and I took it at face value. Perhaps I'm not a monkey? Haha.

Jules said...

:-) This should help, Harvey:

Anonymous said...

Like all petty criminals, the more I deny being the author of that blog, the more guilty I sound. Still not me though.

Anyway, I have enough trouble being both L&W and Solfest :-)

DT233 said...

You know, I have been feeling more British lately.

Mums the word. Cheerio!

Black said...

Nice playing 3 nationalities. You forgot your 'solfest' login details lately? We miss him.

seabloke said...

You replied messages in half-dazed mode?! Hmm.. that leaves me wondering if your 2 days of babysitting services are err.. hmm.. ehh..
Oh but then i'll be too deep under to know :-D

Jules said...

LW :-) Did I mention even his chart looks very much like yours? :-)

Jules said...

LOL! DT, Black's right. Where's Solfest???

Jules said...

Sea, I do a lot of things in half-dazed mode, cuz I'm in half-dazed mode most of the time. LOL! I'm sure Gremlins will take very good care of moi :-)