Friday, September 17, 2010

CL & TF Trades 9/16

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No charts for today because there are just too many, and I'm still waiting for setups in TF and ES.

CL continues to trade slightly below its opening range low. When this happens, I step away because I hate selling in a narrow downtrending channel.
CL Charts (Globex & US session)
I woke up today at 11am local time with Al sitting on my tummy staring at me. When I realized that D had gone to work without his morning coffee, and Al and Keish hadn't been fed, I felt terrible.

I thought I was going to continue to feel awful given that this is officially my first day in 6 months without a REAL job...

By 1130am, I was so busy on my computer I forgot I was supposed to feel miserable. I nearly forgot lunch too - it happens whenever I'm home alone. I was too reluctant to leave my desk, so I ordered pizza.

SEABLOKE wrote some time after noon asking if she could drop by with GREMLINS who have missed me. I'm certain my amazing sister must have thought I was going to be depressed.....anyway, the 3 ladies came visiting with my favorite deserts, and Sea and I had a great time catching up, just like old days. She said she hated me when I was working full time. Ha.
I'm going to be driving D to work again.Until I settle in my next job that is.

Life is still darn good.

A friend gave me a book he wrote. I finished it in one sitting last evening. It got me thinking about quiet time, the Bible, and the verses that I remember still. And it reminded me that whatever happens, I am always blessed. Which is really exactly what I feel most of the time.

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