Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CL Trades 9/21

CL 30min
CL 15min
CL 5min (US Session trade)
CL 5min (Globex trades)

Scratched all my globex shorts after seeing up to USD 130 vanished before my eyes at least 3 times. What frustrated me was that each time I knew that price wasn't going to break below pivot support and yet I sat. By 6am I should have known better than to wait for price to break 12-3am opening range.

Anyway, I knew where I wanted to short the market, and when it got there, I went in even though it was only 7 minutes into market open. D ended up serving dinner, and finished it all my himself.

I've shut down my platform. FOMC and Jules are not a great match.

I'm missing my boss and colleagues. And J and Seabloke too.

I accept that this is the price I have to pay for now. As with most other choices I have made in my life, I know I will look back and not feel a tinge of regret.

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