Saturday, September 18, 2010

End of MW 3/260

For this week:

3-week comparison:
I was going to say that as far as trading goes, I really haven't that much to say. And then I was going to explain in detail why that is, until I saw that Long & Wrong has said it all in his usual light-hearted, filled with British humor way, and learned via his comment section that a couple of our friends have had similar entries recently (haven't had the time to go over my entire bloglist).

So I'll make this short and sweet - check out LW's charts. They are a rare occurrence, and real gems.

Day job - I'm decided on what I'm moving on to next. It's something that's been on my wish-list for the past 3 years. A friend has kindly linked me up with his contact, and I'm going to be sending in my CV.


De'Trader said...

Hi Jules, Congratz with ur result :)
Do you realized there's drop on activity on other trader's blog?

Black said...

I think so too.

I think I'm one of them too :D

Good luck to your next day job Jules.

Anonymous said...

Yet again I think I am getting popular and then realise it is due to your incoming links ;-)

I hope the new career direction works out, the world is crying out for INTJs , it is just too stupid to realise their innate genius!

Jules said...

LW :-)
Given that all INTJs want to rule the world, I doubt that the world is crying out for them. >:->
You have charts - of course I have to link you. LOL!

Jules said...

Black and De'Trader,
Thank you :-)
Yes, I notice we take turns to retreat for reflection and renewal. :-)

Lord Tedders said...

Best of luck looking for your new job Jules. I do admit I find it funny considering the consistency and success of your trading. Or does this INTJ secretly miss the social interaction of a "regular" job?

Jules said...

LT! :-)
It's a secret that I will tell you only if you start blogging again. :-)
So do you miss writing? Work and trading have taken up all your time huh? Still working 16 - 18 hours a day?

Lord Tedders said...

Lol. I'll keep imagining crazy scenarios then.

I might at some point, but for right now between work and trading my downtime is rather limited.

Jules said... excitingly busy life. I'm envious :-)
Well, at least you're dropping by. I wondered for a long time what happened to you. It's so good to hear from you :-)