Saturday, September 25, 2010

End of MW 4/260

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As always, yet another week filled with tiny regrets - all the "should have waited for my perfect setup"s, "should have entered on much, much smaller candles"s, "should have waited for opening range breakouts"s, and many, many more - which makes me wonder if I will ever say that I've had an awesome week.


De'Trader said...

Wow, all I can see it's green. Whatever the amount. Congratz for the green week :)
I also have same regret, usually when I was down early, my brain will tell me to breakeven. Don't even think about home run :)

Jules said...

Ha! Thanks, De'Trader. I didn't realize the link didn't work. Fixed.
Home runs? I stop thinking about them. That said, if they come in 3 minutes, I'll gladly take them :-)

Lord Tedders said...

Hard to accept for an INTJ, but perfect is the enemy of the good. Look at your consistency - amazing. What is not to love about your trading and your results?

Jules said...

:-) LT.
For starters, EVERYTHING?
I can always see a lot of room for improvement. Perhaps they come with time...but patience isn't really my strongest virtue :-)

Anonymous said...

I long ago had to give up on "perfect" weeks, I now settle for "perfectly OK".

This particular week though was neither for me, it's people like you that have been taking my money :-)

Jules said...

I'm sure you took mine 3 weeks ago!