Monday, December 20, 2010

Vicissitudes of Life

This is going to be a very quiet Christmas. D left for HK on Sunday to settle some family matters, and won't be back til after Christmas.

I called my Aunt today to tell her to convert to Christianity. She asked why. I replied that I need to know that when we leave this world, that we'll meet again in Heaven. She asked if my sister is a believer. I said she wears a cross I gave her everytime she goes diving, so yes, I believe she is a believer. My aunt was amused, and apologized for not being able to do it this life, but promised that she would do it for me in her next life. I was speechless. Then she asked if she'll get food when she passed on....I was amused. Told her I would put food. But no joss sticks.

D's going to give his Dad a Christian burial. At least for him, this is not going to be goodbye forever.


seabloke said...

why'd she ask about me anyway? So if i am she will? I've got such influence...

Jules said...

you're the white rat. >;-)