Monday, February 07, 2011


After months of contemplation, I've decided that full-time trading is not for me for now. Staying home for the past 3 years was fine when I was learning to trade, but now that I have kinda "graduated", I am desperate to get out to make myself useful again.

I thought I would adapt to early retirement, but of course I was wrong. I doubt I can ever retire. I have been bored out of my wits since late 2010. Boredom morphed into lethargy, then into stupor and finally to full-blown depression.

The past 3 days of CNY break had been surprisingly joyous only because I finally had had something to look forward to post CNY: the prospect of a new career. I've given up knocking on Police's door. I've tried for 3 years to go back, and it's time to move on.

I'll be attending courses and taking examinations from now til April/ May, and will trade very light during this period.

Thank you, Cory, for this:

I love it!!!


Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Good luck and all the best, it had been fun reading your blog.

If you like you can try part-time trading the FX. It's cheap and fun to trade.

You can come back home by 6 pm, cook some dinner, beauty bath and then get started just in time for the New York opening at around 9+ pm.

seabloke said...

Thank you Cory I love it too!!

Jules said...

Hey, SFX! Good to see you :-)
Thank you for your well wishes. I'm not going to quit trading and blogging altogether, but will definitely be writing less frequently.

Actually, I can still trade futures during US session - it's the globex hours I'm giving up. I've traded FX before - I suck big time :-)

Cook dinner? I've never even turned on my induction stove after 3 years of moving into my new place LOL! I love to cook, but D hates to wait 3 hours for dinner :-)

Jules said...

Sea, forget it, half your family's allergic to cats. :-P

Edward said...


Making sure you are happy and feeling productive is far more important than trading profits. I think Brent S. alludes to that in one of his books. Perhaps you are less of a hermit than you've let on these past few years lol!

Edward (LT)

HPT said...

what profession are you looking into? Sorry I have not been keeping up with you lately. Nice CL trades!