Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Trades 2/1

It's 2 days to Chinese New Year, and D's worrying coz we haven't quite stocked up. The provision shop in our estate's closed for business for 6 days, and most of the eateries will be closed too.

Consolation: it's clear that times are good.

I'm not posting charts for as long as it makes sense to me to not even capture them.Within the blue box are today's trades:


seabloke said...

you can come to my place and OD on chips & bak kwa.
Botak Jones near me is open throughout CNY!

Jules said...

REALLY???!!!! D will be thrilled!!! About Botak Jones that is. Moi would love chips and Bak Kwa!! LOL!!

seabloke said...

day 2 cny, botak for lunch. Coming?

Jules said...

Well, Sea, I'm not sure...I've never had botak for lunch...So you're not going to share your bak kwa???