Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Have All the DayTraders Gone?

Hello Soulfire,

Re your blog post: Unicorns, Ghosts, and Personal Day Trading Blog:

I know 3 retail traders who trade every day, from market open to close - 2 of them blog and 1 doesn't. MBA and Austin P blog about their trading daily; Michael Woo doesn't (he shows his detailed statements to students though).

The authors of the following blogs are active retail daytraders (some of them trade almost everyday) who report their PnL:

Trading the Minis
Scalp and Swing
Trading is Fun
The Denarii Trader
Forext Intraday Trading
The Deucalion Viewpoint
FX Edge
Trader AM
How I Day Trade (think he's taking a break though)
Singapore Forex Trader
Trader 32
Hunt for the Day Trade
The Forex Bird
Trading Arcade
Whipplebox Scalping
PRD Daytrader (offers mentoring service)
Day Trade Emini (great site, but think the author's taking a long break)
Trading Tactician (looks like author is taking a break too)
Ed's Trading Journal
Bam Bam Blog

I'm sure there are more out there that are blogging about their trades and PnL on a regular basis, but I've yet to find them.


Anonymous said...

My account trades pretty much everyday including overnight swing positions. I am just in the middle of expanding my trading plus taking a break. Plus now that I trade within a fund it's harder to continue in my previous the future with bigger brighter things :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for compiling a list of active day trading sites. :) I've also discovered a few sites and will be making a follow-up post with the latest updates. You will definitely be highlighted as one of my feature finds. =)

It's interesting that so many either trade forex or futures, with not many trading equities.

Jules said...

Sandy :-) I reckon you recovered your 4%? :-)
Soulfire, you're most welcome :-) Look forward to seeing your list :-)

Anonymous said...

Most certainly :), the fund is performing as intended with optimal RR management. Hopefully when I get back home I can start updating the blog with some new relevant stuff :)