Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Because of school and other commitments, I haven't been trading much. On days that I did get to watch the market a little, I hadn't bothered to place any trades. Below are the only trades I've taken since my last posting.
Apr 12
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 Apr 13
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As said, school's been keeping me away from trading. I find it difficult to place trades when I know that I can't be at my screen for the entire day. I did install IB on my new toy/iphone4, and when I got really bored in class, I had logged on to look at CL quotes and tried to figure out the chart patterns based on the way the numbers are changing. I had no idea how quickly that could kill my battery, so on the first day that I did that, I was left with a totally flat battery before the end of class. It was a good thing I didn't have to call a cab that day coz for some strange reason, they were everywhere at a time that they were supposed to be changing shift. 

I experimented with trading directly on the chart. On the 3 days that I sim traded in chart trade mode, I had made no money, but did manage to get a better understanding of what kind of a trader I am. Long story short, the decision is to stick with IB's Booktrader.

I should be ready to resume trading in May. I've discussed with D on many occasions as to whether I should continue to post charts and results on a daily basis. The conclusion for now is that since the pros of posting outweigh the cons (I'm a highly competitive person so making/losing money in secret just doesn't work for me), I will resume posting like I did before. I will not have comments turned on though. D calls that overbearing and unfriendly. As if I care.

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