Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Diary

Singapore's 16th parliamentary generation election is finally over, and I'm glad to be able to go back to focusing on what I love most - my charts. I'm still trying very hard to NOT start my day by checking the notification page of my Facebook account though, because it is annoying to keep seeing friends liking pages petitioning for the removal of a rather harmless politician: 

I feel sorry for her. She really ought to have joined the opposition parties. At least she would get to say whatever she needs to say to advance her agenda (the more she can say to create social unrest, the better it is for her popularity rating).

I feel sorry for friends who are literally asking for the current ruling party to step down, the same people who insinuated that I have no idea how the poor live, because I seem to be living a carefree life compared to them. What can I say, I did choose to buy a humble HDB flat that was fully paid off years ago, while they are servicing 30-year mortgage on private houses and apartments that come with swimming pools, tennis courts, etc, and function rooms for them to hold lavish parties for their kids' birthday. I have enough to pay my cleaning lady above market rate, to feed stray cats, as well as people living in the poorest part of the city (I even had time to sing for them back in those days before I started trading...). I don't have to get out of the country at least twice a year (in fact, I've not stepped out for 5 years...and I always get this strange look from those who think only bankrupts don't get to travel), and I've never gone for massages, manicures and hardly go for facials and pedicures, etc.

Long story short, in a span of 7 days, I have managed to unfriend 40 out of the 170 friends (which was already a truncated list to begin with) I had on FB. I simply cannot have friends that think that the country/ government owes them or their family and friends a good living. I simply cannot like anyone who refuses to be grateful to the founding father, and I want to slap those who call him senile.

As far as trading goes - I am giving up crude oil until it goes back into the 80 - 100 dollar range, and considering trading forex futures and other energy futures instead. D's given me his mum's portfolio to manage, and I'm looking to swing trade commodity ETFs for her. 

I'm reading Gyorgy Sandor 's On Piano Playing : Motion, Sound and Expression and Don Piper's Heaven is Real (just finished his 90 Minutes in Heaven), and picking up Spanish.

Life is good whenever I don't think of going back to climb the corporate ladder, when I don't envy friends who are mothers to a whole club of amazing kids, and whenever I can convince myself that there's nothing wrong with being totally happy about being me.

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