Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seabloke, My Amazing Baby Sister

It took no effort to take down the glass door - the glass men got here within 20 minutes after they received the call from my brother-in-law (bil)'s contractor, and were shocked to see that only about 3 to 5 cm of what was supposed to be glue (Pilot said it was silicon) was holding the entire door right at the bottom. 

Consolation is that the door is made of tempered glass, so even if it were to have fallen, I'd just have a very messy bathroom to deal with. As my home is almost 30% glass, I asked for the team to help check all the other doors and panels and the huge mirrors. I'm always paranoid about them falling off when I'm not home (Keish eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and I'm pretty sure that includes glass pebbles)

The team had my door fixed in under an hour. I was so thankful I was at a loss for words. I knew they had rushed over from another job, and it was during lunch. They fact they got here - which is in the central business district - so quickly during peak hour really amazes and touches me still. 

Sea, what would I have done without you and your wonderful hubby (yes, he was the one and only person that came to mind - how many times do I have to beat it into you that I HAVE NO FRIENDS HERE?? :-)). Thank you so much for bringing little ones and bil over, and PILOT too. You all are such a joy to be with. And you're a constant reminder that people do need other people. Got me thinking about how little I've been reaching out, and how little I care about how others feel about being shut out by me. 

I have no other choice now except to hold my 6J short for as long as I can. 

I was at Times of Your Life's, and found this gem (it gets addictive after a few replays):

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Times of Your Life said...

hahhahaah >.< i finally contributed something to your blog

yesyes i listen to this song a lot, its very very good

i didn't like her in the beginning as a singer but her songs are getting better and better ahhhhhhhh