Friday, March 30, 2012

CL and 6B Trades 3/29 (Thurs)

Messy 6B (GBP)
1 Long, 2 Shorts: 2 full stops, 1 scratch
6B Hourly
All shorts - 2 blatantly errant, 1 according to rules
CL 5min

The Result

I turned on my mobile today for the first time in 3 weeks, and all hell broke loose: 2 heavy downpours flooded the foyer downstairs turning it into a muddy swamp; my mahjong-loving neighbors (who congregate everyday at 12pm sharp and don't leave til the sun sets) brought friends that laugh like hyenas giving me no choice but to blast my TV while trading; a truck kept its engine running for 30 minutes, and the guards didn't come until it left (I stood at my balcony with a cigarette in one hand and a camera in another for 1 minute, and the driver drove away...maybe my mafia look intimidated him...); and MY INTERCOM RANG.

I always knew sounds/ noises that don't bother most people affect me badly. I just didn't know how bad... until today. I was very near to hurling my heaviest ashtray at the truck (I had really wanted to hurl it at the driver, but he just wouldn't get out of his truck).

Still holding my 6S long:
6S 4Hr

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Anonymous said...

Google "hyperacusis". I know exactly how you feel.

I'll stop commenting for 3 months now as you have only been back a few days and I am already cluttering this place up.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


There's such a thing called anti-noise headphones ;)

Soullfire said...

I think errant sounds bother most traders, and folks that need to concentrate. For me, it's the occasional bombardment of fire engine or police sirens as they make their way to the next emergency. Low frequency engine rumbling or idling also bothers me as well.

My solution is to use ear plugs when needed, which does the job well.

Solfest said...

My solution is to live 300 kms from civilization.

If the geese are making too much noise as they return from Florida I stand on the porch and moo at them.

I used to have neighbours.

Now there appears to be a 3 house wide buffer zone around me humble abode.

Not sure why.

Sometimes I forget to dress when I moo at geese on the porch.

That could be it.

Jules said...

:-) LW, darling, I have Tinnitus and am autistic - hyperacusis is already in the package. :-D

The 6 real people on the internet want you to clutter up not just this space, but here too:


Jules said...

SMOL :-) My evil mind will not settle for headphones. I gotta let rowdy and inconsiderate people have a taste of their own medicine. >:->

Jules said...

Soulfire!! :-) Can't use ear plugs. I need to be able to hear my cats when they are chasing one another and their tail and knocking things over in the process, and when they are taking chunks of hair off one another. :-)

Jules said...

LOL. Solfest :-) In my part of the world, if I stand naked at my porch, all my neighbor needs to do is call the police. Land is scarce here - only the very privileged can afford 3 house wide buffer zones. :-)

Jules said...

Oh, Solfest, I'm already almost 30km away from civilization. Go any further, I'll be in the ocean. Ha.