Saturday, January 19, 2013

About JPY 1/17 and Trade JPY 1/18

JPY 5min 1/17 (Thurs)

20 minutes into open cry, and half-way into TV dinner (dinner with sitcom and charts), out of the corner of my eye, I saw what seemed like a 3rd push-down bullish reversal, and proceeded to put in a limit order to sell at 0.011210. 

That move moved D deeply. D advocates selling high and covering fast, and I tend to do the exact opposite (although I frequently sell very high too... in an uptrend). 

D's joy was short-lived though, as I cancelled my limit order and went in at a level that was too low for D. To comfort D, I put in a tight hard stop, which got hit pretty fast of course. 

Then D stepped away, and I re-entered at below that arbitrarily perfect 0.011210 level.

I continued to watch TV as yen spent many 5 minutes within it's 30min OR. D came in to check on me/my trade almost every other candle, looking obviously worried. When it became too unbearable for him to watch, he decided to stay put in his own studies to do his own work. 

Then yen broke below, and broke some more. I covered at another arbitrarily perfect level, and wrapped up for the day. I dropped in at D's, and reported a net gain for the day after oil robbed me of nearly 7 points earlier. 

Day in, day out, this is how I give D's heart a good workout without him having to do any work himself. 

Old habits die hard (I'm praying that this is not a round bottom...) -


PnL for the week

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Soullfire said...

Nice trade, and it rescued the week- Congrats! I'm sure D would rather you just wear something sexy to get his heart racing, haha. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The colo(u)rs may change but the degree to which you scare me stays the same :)

Juliana Tse said...

Thank you, Soulfire! When it comes to sexiness, no one beats D. So I don't bother trying. ;-)

Juliana Tse said...

LW, my darling :-)
You are never going to start blogging again, right?