Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trades 1/25 and Weekly PnL Summary


PnL for today

Net for the week

For D's sake, I experimented with looking at smaller pictures, using smaller stops and lowering my targets with the aim of not holding long-term positions (as far as D's concerned, any trade that's more than 15 minutes is long-term).

I have to say, it's a mode that's highly incompatible with the way my brain is wired (hyperactive by default, so getting in and out of trades fast tends to get me into trouble).

So, I am going back to my old ways and really work on sticking to my contingency plans instead.

BT Batavia Trader:
Gather the above answers your question? :-) The charts below are the charts that I use when in trade (the ones with the black background are screen capture versions - easier to see filled positions, but not so good to stare at for 12 - 18 hours a day).

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Attitude Trader said...

"So, I am going back to my old ways and really work on sticking to my contingency plans instead."



Soullfire said...

How funny - I see the black charts and think "how soothing to the eyes", whereas you prefer the white. One person's oasis is another person's desert. =)

Congrats on the crystal anniversary!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


It's so interesting to see active day traders like you trade.

I guess it's true we need to stick to a style that gels with our personalities.

To a swing/position trader like me, you guys seem to be on "speed" ;)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Oh! On rainbow colours, I am with Henry Ford:

I can have any colours I want; just as long I make money.


Juliana Tse said...

SMOL :-) Strange how your comment about money making colors reminds me of a dear friend who claims he is only profitable in brown ;-)

Soulfire, black is actually my favorite color (Surprise, huh? :-)).

AT, you don't believe I will at least TRY?? :-D

Attitude Trader said...

"AT, you don't believe I will at least TRY?? :-D"

Hahaha! Not that at all! I'm in the middle of doing that exact thing so I thought it was cool to see you doing it too.

Sometimes I may not say it the right way, but rest assured that my only comments to you are of a positive/supportive nature. ;)

All the best,


Juliana Tse said...

AT :-)
You bet I know that, my dear pal.

Anonymous said...

I you mentioning it, I realize, to me the white backgrounds are easier on the eyes too:).