Thursday, April 04, 2013

Jumbled, as Always

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April 1st to 4th (Monday - Thursday)

Thank you all for your comments, and I'm sorry to those who have sent messages and friend requests to my facebook account. I had a tough day yesterday and didn't get the chance to respond.

D returned to work yesterday after having worked from home for 2 days on Monday and Tuesday. He has been my shield in the past weeks - with him gone, all the strange activities at home re-surfaced to haunt me. 

I suffered a panic attack in the middle of my trade, and felt faint and angry after that. I locked myself and my cats in the room until D returned from work. 

D's presence helped for a while, until he too started to irritate me. I left my desk and my trade, and came back only when D was going to turn in. I closed my trade after a heated argument with D. 

I was going to pack, all ready to leave, when I realized I had nowhere to go that would allow me to keep my cats.

I spent the night staying half awake.

After D went to work this morning , I locked myself and my cats in my room again, blasting classical music and Korean drama soundtracks. 

Then I saw on 4-hourly what was a confirmation of the trade I entered prematurely/too late yesterday. There was no reason to wait til the time I usually like to operate in. Plus I was really angry, and every cell in my body wanted to give away to the market what was meant for the people who don't love me.

I know He has been kind to me. I want to stay away for a while to think about what I have done. I will get a good sleep today, and spend the rest of the week responding to messages on facebook. 

I will start trading in mid April after my mother in law has moved out and settled at her new place, or in late April in the event that I bring forward my business trip. Charts will be posted on facebook and shared with friends. 

As I have promised Soulfire, I will close my blog only at the end of April

Solfest - If you'll let me have your email address, I will send you my diary daily.

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1 comment:

Soullfire said...

I'm sorry to hear about the stresses you're experiencing, but you had an AMAZING trading week!

I thought having a five figure week was pretty darn excellent, but you went ahead an raised the bar to a five figure day...smoking!!

See, now that's the type of trading power I always knew you had in you once you decided to use it.

Big congrats!