Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th

CL 15min

CL 5min
My presentation went well, surprisingly. My superiors were happy, and asked if I had had fun, cuz I sure looked like I did. The Chief was there; so was my future boss. So, everything's good.

I broke the May 17th curse.


It's blackberry season at J's again:
Where did all the time go???


FX said...

This "work thing" is obviously beneficial to your trading results lately.

Jules said...

FX!! :-)

Yes, work got in the way, forcing me to be extremely picky with my trades.

Totally working out the way it should :-)

You're doing very well yourself (all full-size I gather?) :-)

DT233 said...

You are a machine! :-)

cory said...

Hi Jules,
she just turns 16, she may hid her page as I lectured her on the evil of internet. I agree with FX you really have CL number now, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I thought for a few moments about starting the blog again, but what is the point writing about variance/probability/etc if people just win all the time?! :-)

Glad to see crude is working out well for you even if the world of work isn't.