Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Favorite Things

CL 15min

CL 5min
Erratic and jerky moves. I should have known better - it's 3 days to expiry.

I'm not mad at all that I left a whole chunk on the table. And I definitely am not mad that price went straight for my pivot target only after I bailed.

It's good to have a life outside of trading.

Actually, I am starting to have a great time at work. Long story short, I got what I wanted - REAL WORK. And I am really, really loving my Chief, among a few other things... :-)

I knew we could count on you to get LW to come out of hiding ;-)

Cory :-) Agreed. FB is EVIL.


Anonymous said...

Pleased that work is now also OK, although I was secretly enjoying a bit of schadenfreude as there is nothing more annoying than people happy in their job and trading profitability :)

Back into hiding now, DT tricked me!!

DT233 said...

A MACHINE!!! (although a machine would not have bailed before the target was reached). :-)

Btw, Brits are so trusting! LOL