Thursday, June 24, 2010

Die, FOMC, Die!!!

CL 15min
CL 5min

I hate FOMC - ultra, über, SUPER hate it.

After I closed my position at breakeven (almost), it was already 5am local time. I'm not sure that I should turn in, coz I'm pretty darn sure that if I do, I'll not wake up til late noon tomorrow. But I have a course to attend, which means that I have to STAY AWAKE!!!

Anyway, here are some things that make me smile at 5am:

A friend with his fb game at 5am :


FX said...

Die, FOMC, Die

I burst out laughing when I read your title.
You are one funny person. :-)

DT233 said...

Happy Birthday Jules!


DT233 said...

Are you still sleeping?


Jules said...

FX :-)
D says that I'm a clown :-)

Jules said...

DT :-) Thank you :-)

As a matter of fact, I haven't been sleeping. One more week like this and I'll be looking at falling into another coma again...