Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dunkirk Needed???

Thurs & Fri, June 24 & 25, 2010

CL 15min (Thur, June 24, Post-FOMC)
CL 15min (Fri, June 25)
CL 5min (Fri, June 25)

There are days that you place the wrong bet, and there are days that you are simply stupid and stubborn.

Thursday was plain stupidity on my part (I blame it partially on lack of sleep, and wholly on D - when he is sweet, I can't think) - the day was clearly trapped within Wed's range ie. chop expected, the kind of day that you just can't win - unless you're ok with taking whatever profit the market gives you.

Friday was a mini disaster. A stop was in order, especially when I was trading against trend, and betting on a failed bull wedge, especially after the appearance of 2 dojis (almost) that are kissing a pivot level. R 1.5 was the level under attack, and clearly a good place to have a HARD stop. I don't recall what my state of mind was then, but that's really not important now - an FOMC week, and the week that I have the least sleep is the week that I should have stayed on the sideline. Clearly, I need to start practising (all over again) letting some days go.

Work is good.

Explains why trading is not....

I'm at a crossroad again.


One of my favorites, and Gremlins' favorite (official TV version here):


Risk Control Master said...

Sorry to see the loss on CL, but that's part of the trading, right? At least you are happy with your day work.

Anonymous said...

How can someone that good be that bad ? :-)

With you reposting that video it is only a matter of time before competitive sheepdog trials challenge football for the global sports audience!!

Jules said...

Hello RCM :-)
No, that's not part of trading. At least it wasn't in my plan :-) I'm not exactly happy with my day job. I can't be happy with anything other than trading :-)

Jules said...

LW :-)
Thanks for the reminder. Come to think of it, World cup is totally to be blamed!!!