Friday, July 09, 2010

Misery Loves Company

Friday - Wednesday, July 2 - 7, 2010

CL 15min

No, it isn't me that's unhappy (SURPRISE!!!). It's the folks around me.

The subject of why singaporeans are generally and constantly cheerless and joyless used to intrigue me - now it just annoys me.

I decided that:

  1. People who don't make an effort to at least LOOK happy are selfish people - I am about the most (CLINICALLY, bordering on psychopathically) depressed person I know, and if I can smile to almost anyone (save those I hate) that interacts with me, surely all the sane folks out there can do much better - and I've not the slightest interest to understand them.
  2. Our people scowl riotously because they are not encouraged/allowed to express their anger/discontentment/frustration creatively. That said, I am still vehemently FOR punishing graffiti vandals - SORRY, LW (Long & Wrong) and Black - we should all draw on our own walls and vehicles ONLY.
  3. Once I am able to identify the activity that will keep my mind occupied in the 14 hours before US market opens, unhappy people would cease to bother me. Which means that I probably need a new job.
  4. If all else fails (to make me less unhappy), I shall think of J and chant his name.

Regarding trading (see chart above) - I found out that mascara is NOT the secret (wore it on Fri - the day I entered the trade - then on Mon and Tues too, and went without it on Wed - the day I closed the trade - and didn't lose money... although I did lose a whole load of self-respect and self-esteem...); perhaps nail varnish IS (why else would LW be testing it??).

Re your question on trading advice - my answer is: DON'T give them.
On a serious note, I'm serious about the aforementioned.
Will drop you a line nonetheless.


ANON said...

Hmmm. I know I trade better if I have ran/exercised and showered. I definitely wouldn't discount the things that make you feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

You've been 'borrowed'...


PS I'm all for punishing graffiti, especially bad graffiti :-)

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Not sure why I appeared twice. Sorry.

Jules said...

Hello Anon! :-)
How could I forget the shower part! LOL!

Jules said...

:-) LW. Thank you :-)
When I have the time, I'll report the site. I'm all for punishing plagiarism too. :-)