Wednesday, July 14, 2010

REAL JOB Vs Trading

It's 7pm local time and I'm writing from my office for the first time. Time has been a scarce commodity - I'm one peer and one support staff short, and the organization is rushing to meet a major project deadline. Doesn't help that I'm holding 2 portfolios.

Trading has been BAD (see below). Not catastrophically bad, just very annoyingly bad. I still love trading with all my heart, mind and soul but lately I've started to develop very bad habits like being just a little too RELAXED. So I did the total opposite yesterday thinking that I was rectifying a problem. The result was horribly unsatisfying. I felt 10 times worse making 100 after 4 (5?) trades than when I lost 2k in a single trade. I have no idea why, and I know there is no need to dwell on it.

Running now. LW and Anon, will reply to your comments later.


Anonymous said...

A behavioral science doctor would say you are a "oppositional trader". Do you rebel everything for the sake for rebellion?

Or are you the "Too Clever trader" trying to constantly find new ways of doing things.

Not a "bad" concept generally...but trading is intrinsically an unnatural act anyway.

That's my less than 2c.

cory said...

It could be that you use the royal wave when you see others :)

Jules said...

Sandy :-)
I'm neither....
I think I'm merely too lazy/tired to deal with the market on an intraday basis. Sometimes I just don't want to have to deal with the 1 to 2 bucks fluctuation in CL. It's tiring and annoying.

Jules said...

Hi Black :-)
Yes, read your posts. Sorry about your trades. I know how it feels. It helps to just step aside when you are beginning to feel frustrated. The market loves frustrated traders :-)

Jules said...

LOL!! Cory!
I do only frantic waves. :-)

Dalton Alfortish said...

Im jealous that you can read these charts. I'm slowly learning and I'll get there one day. But I like your blog :)

Check it out -