Saturday, August 07, 2010


Monday to Friday, August 2 to 6, 2010

For the week:
I really have no time for charts. My weekend and holiday (Monday is our National Day) are burnt, and I have no time for my cats anymore. Alberto bit me on my foot today.


Manjot Singh said...

you are still pulling through strong though jules...takes a lot of effort to be a manager at all levels of life and still perform :) ...hats off to you :)

Scalpwiz said...

Always nice to see a positive P&L, awesome trading on top of all your other activities is quite inspiring nice work.

Lord Tedders said...


Glad to see you still trading strong. Didn't realize that you'd started trading Crude. Do you still trade the Euro?

Don't let your boss get you down. Most corporations are held together by incompetant people with huge egos. Fortunately not all corporations are run like a script from the movie Office Space.

Find somewhere that can harness your talents. For someone of your personality you should look for a position that requires productivity. Otherwise you will spend the majority of your time in pointless meetings that get nothing accomplished.

I enjoy my current job a lot more than jobs I've held in the past because of the autonomy I have and how it is performance driven. That being said it is still way easier than trading. Some days...

Lord Tedders