Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simulated CL Trades 8/19

I'm not certain that this busy-bee method suits my personality, but it definitely looks safe enough...

Ninja Trader is friendly, and I really like the chart trader feature.

I'm going to be busy wrapping up my projects and assignments in the next few weeks, and looking forward to my last day of service.

LT and LW,
Thank you so much for your notes. Yes, come what may, I take comfort in the fact that I have done SOMETHING. Ha.


Anonymous said...

NT is indeed friendly, be aware it has a habit of being rather nasty when the data stream pace picks up AND it is inherently a buggy software...that is a generation behind well written code like Sierra or my favorite (and almost impossible to crash) Ensign Windows.

Yet, hundreds of users (including myself) use ninja effectively everyday

Best of luck :)

Jules said...

:-) Sandy.

I have no idea NT is buggy, although it did hang on me multiple times and cause my pc to hang too - that was about a year and a half ago...

For charting I'm still using Sierra. I plan to use NT to execute trades only. Agreed that NT's charting software is not adequate for scalping in particular.

Saw your post on taking breaks. I agree with you :-)