Friday, August 27, 2010

TF Trades 8/27

TF 5min LONG
Ok, I admit I am no good at sim trading.

It simply doesn't make sense to sim trade when I have no system to test.

But I haven't the stamina to fight oil today after a whole week of sleeping (a lot), working (a little), and trading (moderate). So, I traded something tamer.

TF acted really strange during the 955am data release - my chart froze for what seemed like a decade after I entered short (while ES and CL kept plunging!), and right after my trading platform showed me 6-figure prices on the price ladder, without my entry and stop on it. I'm wondering if ICE has anything to do with it. But, whatever.

I think Seabloke is mad with me. I missed Gremlins' birthday party last Sat coz I was down with flu. She hasn't returned my message, and I haven't sent her another. Apparently, I am not good with apologies too.

D has been waiting impatiently for his long overdue rub, so I'll have to wait til tomorrow to respond to Black, LT (I read and re-read your note, and can't thank you enough for your sharing and for the sweet thoughts), DT (thanks for the poem, I always love Robert Frost) and Detrader.


seabloke said...

seabloke's not mad.. gremlins were disappointed. But kaufu made up for it by staying overnight! :)

seabloke's very tied up so no reply msg. 2 hands and 24hrs are not enough! Gimme all you've left with!!

Sea loves Land :-*

Jules said...

I have nothing, honey. No mortgages, no dependents, no debts, no burdens, no worries.

I learned today that THAT IS BAD.

What kind of world do we live in???!!