Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CL & TF Trades 8/30

CL 5min
Bad CL (typical Monday chop)
TF 5min
Good TF

I've had a HORRIBLE day, but am going to put it behind me.

What I feel most horrible about is that I haven't checked in on Denarii and J.


DT233 said...

I love the new blog layout Jules.

Denarii said...

There is nothing to check with Denarii - lol - I am only trading once every couple of days if that. Taking a break from blogging.

De'Trader said...

Is it sim or real?
Nice to see ur trade again :)

Jules said...

DT :-)
Thank you... I love my new blog layout too. :-)

Jules said...

Denarii! :-)

Your post had me worried and I kept waking up in the morning with you on my mind but never found the time to catch you on gmail chat.

I definitely need my jobless life back. And this time I'll try to be joyful.

Jules said...

Thanks, De'Trader :-)

Except in those posts titled "SIM Trade", all my trades are real money trades.