Wednesday, September 01, 2010

CL Trades 8/31

CL 5min
I wanna kill D. He talked me out of shorting that first breakout from OR. Other than that, I'm happy that I survived the crazy day.

J, I wasn't fretting over my trades yesterday. It was something else that bothered me.Thank you for all the lovely notes. I capture your chat messages everyday - I have a "J" archive. :-)  14 days to go, and I'll be free to trade and blog full-time, and chat with you every night again! I'm HAPPY!!!


De'Trader said...

CL went crrraaaazzy today for $3 intraday move?? Too bad my TOS Chart busted :(. What do you used for charting anyway???

PS: I like ur stlye of trading lot of cut loss, it's "departed from perfection" :)

Come by to my blog, you may see typical red-green like yours :)

Jules said...

I do read your blog, De'Trader :-)

I use Sierra Chart. TOS is not really ideal for scalping. Especially for volatile instruments like crude oil, beans and fx futures, you'll need to pay a little for charting software and feeds.

Sierra's rates are reasonable:
There's a page that shows their supported data and trade services.

Jules said...

By the way, De'Trader, check this out at Sandy's:

De'Trader said...

Tq Jules :)

I'll check the sierra.
EOC quite good too. MBA told me about it