Friday, September 03, 2010

6B Trades 9/2

As far as trading goes, absolutely a boring day.

I finally sat in a case heard by my favorite judge today.

Alberto bit my toes again.


De'Trader said...

Good thing you didn't trade CL, deep pullback, chopped, until you exhausted and boom, it rallied :(

Scalpwiz said...

Hey the 6B, nice to see you trading that, I like that market, maybe coz its only $6.25 per tick! CL and oil in general just scare me.

Jules said...

De'Trader :-)
Yesterday was a tricky day in general across that few symbols I trade - which is somewhat expected given the move on Wed. Plus, next week is a short week, and this month is traditionally not a great month to trade...

Jules said...

Scalpwiz! :-)
I like 6B coz it's only $6.50 per tick when I lose.
When I win, I hate it that it's only $6.50 per tick.
But it's always good to have a tamer choice when market's freakish and you can't grasp and you have itchy fingers. :-)