Thursday, September 09, 2010

CL Trades 9/8 & Sad

 CL 5min
  • Trend up at market open
  • Pivot below
  • Price can't stay above OR
  • Fed Day
  • Short week
ie. not my day.

I was at His Honor's office today to show him what charting software, feeds, and brokerage I use.

Experience told me it would probably be the last time that I would see him - I haven't the habit of making it a point to stay in touch.

I felt so sad after I left his office I nearly broke into tears.

But I'm definitely glad that I finally learned to not do as I please, and that I am human (yes I know I am not a cat) and therefore must follow basic human rules.

My best friend wrote from HK:


And I haven't called her. 

The last time she was here (I vaguely remember it to be last year) I had a hard time letting her go. It was mostly guilt I guess. She had been ill and I never knew until she touched down. It's strange how things turned out. In 2008, I had called her to say I was going to look for her in HK and that I was going to stay for a long time. She talked me out of giving D up. Shortly after, she came to visit instead. 

I am now very tempted to catch the next flight to HK just to make sure she's alright.


De'Trader said...

Damn CL !!! Always missed those 50cent moves. Nice post :)

Mr Lonely said...

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Scalpwiz said...

Go see your friend, trading is supposed to give us the freedom to enjoy our lives and spend time with those we care about, I think it's especially important to maintain those relationships even when things aren't going so well and you get that urge to work harder and recover losses / become a more proficient trader. Work is important, but ultimately it's the things that truly make us happy and the people in our lives that matter.

Jules said...

De'Trader, Mr Lonely and Scalpwiz,
Thanks for your notes :-)

Trading keeps my mind occupied. That's good enough for me. I have not given "happiness" a lot of thoughts lately because it has been eluding me for the most part of my life and I am done chasing. :-) Thanks for dropping by :-)

Jules said...

Mr Lonely,
700 followers and 1000 people like you, and you are lonely???
You have an interesting blog...D will definitely like it, what with all your featured gadgets :-)