Wednesday, September 08, 2010

NG Trades 9/7

NG 5min

I'm not going to blame NG - it's  always been wild, and I've always loved it that way.

I'm not even going to blame it for not letting me out where I  had placed a stop to get out - TWICE.

I blame my bad eyesight - 2 strong bulls that closed a near 10-point gap and I don't see them. 

I've hit my daily loss limit and reflected on my mistakes, and so there's really nothing left to do except to turn in, and hope that by tomorrow morning, I would have put that perfect long setup that appeared 15min after I bust my limit behind me.


Newbie Trader said...

Hi, I am one of MW's student. I see that you trade TF and CL. Have a setup I would like to share / seek advise. How do I get in touch with you ?

Jules said...

Hello NT,
I'll be stopping by Michael's class tomorrow. We can have a chat there if you like?

Newbie Trader said...

Oops, sorry. This 1st time I am leaving a comment on any blog. Din know how to look for a reply until now.
My email is and I can send u a screenshot for CL and TF.