Saturday, October 09, 2010


It was 3am. I couldn't sleep, and logged on to FB to check in on Celeste.

She's no longer listed as single!!!

I wrote to ask who the lucky guy was, and regretted my action right after I hit "Send". She's one year from turning 21, and a bright college student, and she's going to think I am an idiot!

Is there any way to intercept an FB message???


Anonymous said...

You are an embarrassment to her, but that's fine because it is in the 'job description' :-)

seabloke said...

biggie, i totally agree with L&W!
Come the day... when gremlins will tell me to drop them 3miles from the school gate :P

Jules said...

LOL!! So you noticed, LW! :-)

Jules said...

Sea!!! :-)
Based on personal experience, it shouldn't be more than 500 meters. ;-)

seabloke said...

You begged for 3 miles and got 500 meters.
And btw, she's single again.
The wonders of facebook...