Sunday, November 07, 2010

All the Frills and Flounces...

D left for Japan early this morning. At the parking lot of Changi Airport's Terminal 2, we spotted this car that had "Just Married" sprayed on its windshield, and almost everywhere else. The first thing that came to mind was "how is the driver going to see??". Then we saw a group of young adults making their way to the airport's arrival hall, each holding balloons and flowers and "I Love You" signs. We figured they were receiving their newly wed friends who were back from their honeymoon.

D and I had a quiet breakfast before he boarded. I think I am really starting to get used to him being away.

As I was on my way to get the car, I ran into the party that was there to give their newly married friends a really grand welcome. They had formed a line behind one of the pillars at the arrival hall, and actually had a lookout to signal to them that the couple had just picked up their luggage and were coming out... I felt REALLY BAD for the newly wed, and quickened my pace to avoid having to witness the predicament awaiting the couple.

As I sat staring at my charts an hour later, I noticed they bear a striking resemblance to the car that had graffiti sprayed all over it. My first thoughts: how in the world have I been able to read my candles? The fact is, I haven't been able to. All those extra information and data on my charts were just too much for me to process in real-time. I am aware that there are traders out there who are wildly successful trading off charts with a dozen indicators on them, and I'm sure that many drivers don't actually need their windshield and windows to be squeaky clean to see traffic ahead of and around them, but I need my charts to be simple to maneuver in the market, and my windshield to be clean enough to allow me to see at least 10 cars ahead of me.

Simplicity simply works for me. Quiet works for me. A quiet chart and a quiet life calm me. Many close to me find it hard to accept that I really want to be left alone most of the time, simply because they love to have a lot of people around them - people with whom they can share their joy, sorrows and pain. My preference is always one-to-one interactions. I love a quiet breakfast with D, and I love a quiet breakfast with Sea. But I utterly hate family gatherings.

I guess what I'm getting at is that each of us is created different. God loves variety. So why shouldn't we as traders accept that there is no one single way to trade, and that the method that is most compatible with the trader's personality is ultimately what works for him/her in the long run?


Day Trading Fool said...

Well said.

Solfest said...


Attitude Trader said...

I keep coming back to that same conclusion myself. Now if I could just stay there... ;)

Jules said...

AT, it's ok. Traders change their mind a few hundred times a day anyway. :-D