Monday, November 08, 2010


I can't help it:

J had this on chat:

"CancerCancer (6/22-7/22)

After days -- or maybe even weeks -- of rooting around, trying to find someone you can truly get close to, you'll be more than happy with today's events.
The universe has seen fit to get you connected with someone who'll be able to let their hair down, become truly intimate, and partner up."

when I was away reading this on the link above:

"Sometimes We Disappear
Disappearing is, perhaps, one of the most annoying things some INTJs do that people dislike. I promise you we are not trying to insult you or to hurt your feelings by leaving. We leave, usually without comment, from groups or meetings or parties or get-togethers because we become interested in something else. It’s that simple.

We decide to investigate elsewhere. No malice is intended in disappearing. We don’t see it as disappearing. We see it more like, “moving on…” When I get asked later, You said good-bye before you left, right? and I stammer out an Uhh as an answer, I realize my host probably wondered what happened to me.
Saying good-bye is a ritual that seems silly because I will see everyone again soon....."

J, that's the universe messing with your head. LOL!


Anonymous said...

A lot of INTJs test as subsets of other groups depending on the Keirsey or MBTI tests (I have tested as INTP and ISTJ - sometimes this may change even depending on one's mood).

As a core INTJ though, the ability to recognize that factoid is crucial. It is a magnificent sub group...ha I being arrogant or just right.....

Is it also a coincidence that a lot of INTJs are Geminis...go figure...As I read more I want to devour more and more and more....gasp need to come up for more air....

Jules said...

That's definitely arrogance (a certain MBTI expert would say that that's an understatement), Sandy. LOL!

Hey, I'm a Genini/Cancer hybrid (Jun 23)!

Solfest and LW are quiet. Probably thinking really hard if they are really INTJs or just psychopaths...