Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fear Grips Me...

It's nearly 4am, and I am losing sleep over this.

Alex died in Sept 2007 at a very young age of 31. His last words to the person closest to him: You be good. I love you. 

Shattered my heart.

I'll be checking out a one-month old African Gray tomorrow. Can't wait to see him, but am worried about how Al's going to take it.

Maybe I'm being selfish - I get the sense that I'm planning way in advance to avoid a serious heartbreak...I am so blinded by the fear of losing something I love so much that all I have been able to focus on was to find a replacement...

I've checked and found out that African Grays can play quite rough, and Alberto could get hurt. So, I'll be speaking with an expert before visiting the breeder.

I'm definitely still considering cloning as my best option.

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