Friday, December 10, 2010

My Favorite Things 2010

1a) Fernando Lima

1b) Me, ME, ME!!!

2) My lilac dress (could be the only short dress I own now...)

3) My workstation

5) (we don't like 4) KEISH (and Smart Spider, since he's in the picture)

6) AL BROOKS (the book...)

7) AL...BERTO!!!

It began like this (Al curling up beside me as I was reading):

Then it became like this:

It's not like there isn't enough space!!! (Really crumpled part's where I usually lie on my tummy reading)

Al's usual spot (yes, Al is King of the house):

8) D!!!!!!!
(STILL wallpaper on my handphone - STILL tickles me every time I look at it)

9) GREMLINS and their Mother (Seabloke)


10) Ziad Masri, J, LW, Solfest, Michael Woo, Boon Sin, Denarii, DT, LT, Lonely, Cory, Sandy, JE, Sage, Ed, MBA, TraderX, Austin, HPT, Scott, Leon, and many, many others...


seabloke said...

why does fernando get top spot??

the beheaded doll.. muahahhaha!!!

DT233 said...

Shouldn't that be "LW/Solfest"????

Jules said...

because he has dimples and soulful eyes, and is compassionate and talented. But mainly his eyes...

Jules said...

The Borg Queen de-linked them.
Where have you been???

Solfest said...

Come on now, LW is practically a communist.

FX said...

Very sweet post with bits and pieces of your life in pics. Best post in a year on my whole blogroll. :)

Anonymous said...

>Come on now, LW is practically a communist.

Enough of the insults. I insist you immediately remove the word "practically".

Nice to see someone has a desk as tidy as mine, having every item strictly aligned is in no way weird. I feel like shooting anyone who places my mouse-mat at a jaunty angle. OK, that's a bit weird.