Sunday, February 27, 2011

All's Good

I will resume trading this coming Monday. 

There's not going to be a major overhaul of my trading method and style, as I'm comfortable with the way I've been reading and entering the market. 

The only element I'll be fine-tuning is my exit. I recognize that I must re-inculcate within me a healthy dose of fear and respect for a highly volatile market such as the CL, and learn to RUN again as soon as price is not doing what I expect it to do in a given span of time. A hard stop will accompany each entry as a safety net.

I will continue to review trading logs on a weekly basis to get a better grasp of the pattern of my mental performance and that of the market as the week progresses, and I'll post these logs at the end of each week.

I will make an effort to post charts on a daily basis - even on days that I don't have an entry.

I MIGHT, by the end of March, have quarterly results posted as a permanent link. I am  still undecided - after the busting of my account, I fear my goal would be to play catch-up instead of focusing on getting consistently profitable by trading wisely...Well, we'll see.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I always knew you'd return to action sooner than later, but this is way faster than I ever anticipated!

Are you sure you wouldn't want to take a week or so off for a mental vacation/recharge? =)

You might also want to consider keeping a tally of good and bad trades based on your execution and planning. I find it helps me focus more on the proper execution and timing rather than the PnL column.

Your trading logs and charts are top rated of all the blogs I've seen- very clear and concise. :)