Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trades 2/28 & I Wanna be Happy

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I've had a strange day. It started out really happy, and then a note came - hours before market opened - that gave me this really bad feeling that there's a high probability that my world is going to come crumbling down again.

On an unrelated note, I was asked why I seemed so nonchalant about the trades from last week that went so bad. I haven't an answer for the question. I do have many questions about the question though. But that's not something I want to touch on today.

On a serious note, I'm done with dramas. They are uninspiring at best. Lately, I've noticed just how destructive they can be...

I've never been more serious about this: I want to start living a normal, mundane, BORING life. I wanna start appreciating the things that other women appreciate : this season's hottest eyeshadow color, fake eyelashes, long coffee sessions with girlfriends, my better half's lavish gifts, etc.

I decided I really don't want to die young from melancholy.

@Soulfire: thanks for your note :-) I'm fine - what's affecting me is not my trades/money. My trades are within my control - there are a whole lot of other things that are not that I'm trying to keep under control. Ok, that definitely came out wrong. But what the heck... Thanks for your email too - extremely interesting content :-) I will try to reply by tomorrow.

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