Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Things

Things that made me happy yesterday:

  • A really cute rolling die and coin pouch from Boon Sin (she got a set for herself when she was in Shanghai, and got an exact set for moi!!!) !!!!
English translation of Chinese characters on pouch: "pocket money from hubby". I'm so telling D that only 100-dollar bills go into the pouch...
English translation of Chinese characters marked on the faces:
  1. Dish Washing
  2. Floor Mopping
  4. Laze Around
  5. Grocery Shopping
I was playing with the die last evening, and kept getting "laze around". Instinctively, I got up to do the laundry and a little dish washing, and fix D our favorite linseed sandwich with avocado, mango, cashew nuts and honey-baked ham filling (I hate preparing it coz the nuts need crushing, and the fruits need peeling and slicing...). 

D never ceases to amaze me. I was joking that I would only wear sneakers with "high-heels". And he came home from work last night with this (he had arranged for the package to be delivered to his office):
  • Cesare Paciotti sneakers with 3-inch rubber soles!!!

  • Prada shades from D:
Must-haves for battered wives and migraine sufferers.
  • Drugstore creamy gel eyeliner and Keish's paw:

I desperately need to start to learn to use liquid/creamy eyeliner coz it is the pre-requisite to learning to put on fake eyelashes. I must have downloaded at least 30 you-tube videos on how to draw perfect eye-lines (and 10 more on how to put on fake eyelashes) and figured I need to have...er...a liquid eyeliner to practise with??

  • Curious aka up-to-no-good Keish:

  • Guilty-looking Al:
Brave girl!!!

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cory said...

my favorite make up artist

But as as eyelash I am thinking of Latisse eyelash drug. It seems to work for most people.

Jules said...

LOL! THANK YOU, CORY!! Downloaded!! :-)

Yes, LATISSE....I wanted that for Christmas in 2009 (I remember posting the link), then forgot all about it by beginning of 2010 once market opened. LOL!