Wednesday, March 02, 2011

No Trading, FB (AGAIN), & Panel Beating

I didn't trade yesterday, after seeing how crazy the tape was acting, and figuring out it was probably coz of this:
In fact, I won't be trading for the rest of the week, as I have matters to attend to in the day for the next few days. I'll also begin research on a wildly interesting / crazy project at the same time (no, it's not to kiss or get kissed by a hundred hunks). It's a timely break - whenever I take a look at a chart and the tape these days, I feel like throwing up.  

I'm going to digress a little: I started, unintentionally, a friendly debate between Sea, Pilot, me (the opponents) and 2 family friends (the proponents) on FB over, of all things, aesthetic surgery....

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De'Trader said...

Funny, but I love CL these days. Time when I don't use my brain a lot lol. Just trade the damn breakout. No directional preference.

The higher the price, the better..means bigger it.

I am a stupid trader, so when there's symbol without much technical analytical used, I jump in. That's why I hate ES and now Forex. I hate fading strategy. Hate dull market. Love CL market now...if it back to 70-80 price, means goodbye CL.

Anonymous said...

It bears saying that what someone may see as "fat", may be viewed by another as "phat". ;-) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

I'm not a psychologist (I merely play one on TV ;)), but I think you may be experiencing a bit of PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder, or in your case, post trading stress disorder. :) It matches your initial lack of feelings/response followed by a negative reaction when doing something that subconsciously triggers that memory.

What you'll have to do is to replay that trading incident in your head under pleasant circumstances (soothing environment, calm pleasant music), and now change the ending, replacing what happened with the correct course of action to get a favorable outcome.

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Sister Jules,

can I call you sister jules? I read some of your posts and I think you're a remarkble lady. I had composed a chinese poem for you, I hope you like it:


ok english translation is:

You're a delicated but emontional lady, your beauty easily match the beautiful frost lollies that form on the windows panes during winter.
Even though you've encounter many difficulties and setbacks in your life, you're not disheartned but yet remain graceful and cool under many layers of ice that buries your warm heart.

cory said...

translate into a haiku

a skillful tiny tulip
heavy snow
springs forth

Jules said...

@De'Trader: :-) Yes, I know you trade wedges and breakouts, and CL is actually a good instrument for your strategy. Which was why I tried to tell you it'd be worth sticking with it. You are not stupid, silly :-) There are profitable traders, and there are inexperienced and rash traders. No stupid traders :-)

@Soulfire: YOU ARE WITH HOLLYWOOD??! What's the name of the show? Agreed that I could be experiencing PTSD - explains the wanting to throw up part. LOL. I am actually doing whatever I can to push that episode out of my mind...but I'll definitely consider your suggestion. Tell me you have at least taken a course in psychology :-)

@SFT: I love, love, LOVE the poem. No one has ever written such a nice one for me! Melts my heart :-) If you're in your mid 30s, you're my baby sister's age, and she calls me "biggie" (in private) or "sis" (in public). "Biggie" would really boost my morale for now. :-D Thank you, SFT. It's really very sweet of you. I appreciate it very much.

@Cory: Haiku is "a Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons."? COOL! :-) I'll try not to dwell on the word "HEAVY" which comes before "snow" (my chinese name).... :-P

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Big sis Jules,

Ok then I call you big sis jules can or not?
''Biggie'' sounds like 黑社会老大。

Jules said...

Call me Jules, SFT :-)

Soullfire said...

Lol, I was attempting to be funny- mocking the commercials where they have "dramatizations" of doctors treating someone and selling a product. =)

My suggestion is sound though - I got it from reading one of Dr Brett Steenbarger's books on trading psychology. You don't want to force that episode down into your subconscious (although that is the natural response), where it can affect you when something triggers a memory of it.

Oh,... and I also took some psychology classes in school too. =)